Tara Whitney Photo Collage

>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

As is pretty evident on my page, Tara Whitney took photos of my family last summer. She was awesome, she was amazing with the kids and we have some amazing photos in the house. I recently downloaded a free program called shape collage and I thought it would be fun to use Tara's photos to pay a little tribute to her. The Shape Collage program allows you to make any shape you like and save as a jpg, png or even as a photoshop document for further editing. Unfortunately, the photos are really small in the collage above so you can't really appreciate them, but it's still kind if fun (if you click the photo above it opens on a new screen and you can see the individual pics better). Be sure to check out Tara's updated web-site or her blog; she is now offering home videos along with her photo packages which sounds like a lot of fun!

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